Soccer: First Americas summer-season bikini-clad female soccer league and lasts at least five...

...years.  The soccer league's regular season starting on Memorial Day and ending with its championship game on Labor Day.  League’s playing fields are the same dimensions as American Football fields, including their end zones (120 yards by 53.3 yards).  [This way American football fields can be used by the league.]  Thong bikinis are allowed as player uniforms.  [This cheesecake will reel in male viewers.]  Players must play barefoot.  Player numbers are drawn on the player's left thigh if they're the home team and right thigh if they're the visiting team.  To win this challenge, the league must have teams from at least the following US cities: New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas (or Houston), Atlanta, and Seattle; and also the following Western Hemisphere cities: Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro, Bogota (Columbia), Toronto, Kingston (Jamaica), and Lima (Peru).  There can only be as many non-US teams as there are US teams and all games pit an US team against a non-US team.  The championship game has the best US team compete against the best non-US team.  [Always having games set up this way will insure higher ratings in the USA.]  If a nation becomes a US state, their team is then re-classified as a US team.  Pre-season “exhibition” games only have US teams compete against US teams and non-US teams compete against non-US teams with at least one game with last season’s best two US teams competing against each other and another game where last season’s best two non-US teams competing against each other.

Future Challenges: First time the above league has bigger ratings for one of its:

1) Games than the lowest rated Major League Baseball (MLB) game that season.

2) Games than the highest rated MLB game (not including the World Series) that season.

3) Championship game than MLB’s World Series.

4) Entire season than MLB’s entire season.

Creating a global sport:

5) First "Mediterranean Hemisphere League."  Teams set up as in the original challenge but their league consisting of teams from Europe (to as far as Moscow), Africa, and the Middle East (to as far as Iran).  League must have teams from at least the European cities of London, Madrid, Paris, Berlin, Rome, Stockholm, and Moscow; the African cities of Cairo, Lagos, Kinshasa, and Johannesburg; and the Middle East cities of Tel Aviv and Istanbul.

6) First "Asian Hemisphere League."  Teams set up as in the original challenge but their league consisting of teams from Asia (to as far east as Pakistan), Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands.  League must have teams from at least the cities of Mumbai, Bangkok, Singapore, Sydney, Auckland, Manila, Shanghai, Taipei, Seoul, and Tokyo.

7) Third annual "World Championship" where the champions of the three hemisphere leagues compete against each other for the world championship title.  The champion team must defeat the other two teams in a row.  The first two teams that compete against each other is rotated among the three teams each year.  The winner from that first game takes on the third team.  If the winner of the first game wins against the third team, they are crowned world champions.  If not, the winner from the second game plays the loser from the first game and if they win, they're crowned world champions.  This process continues until one team wins against both of the other teams in a row.

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