Barter: First association of direct barter agents to have more than 10,000 due-paying members. A... barter is where interested parties directly exchange products and/or services.  A direct barter agent is someone who facilitates these trades and takes a small part of each trade for payment for their services.  [For example, the owner of a movie theater goes to a barter agent and wants to give better job perks for his employees and himself.  The agent already has another client who is a fitness center owner and she wants the agent to look out for ways she can give better job perks for her employees and herself.  The direct barter agent then informs the two of their mutual desires and works out a barter trade between them.  For his services, the direct barter agent would get his own free gym membership and movie tickets for himself and his family.]  A direct barter agent is NOT a barter exchange.  A barter exchange uses "barter dollars" or "trade dollars" to facilitate indirect barter exchanges.

To win this challenge, the association must not allow barter exchanges or their employees to become members nor allow its agent members to give out or use "barter dollars."  However, "gift" certificates for full products (a chicken) and/or services (a haircut) are allowed to be handled by agent members.

Future Challenges:

1) First above association to employ at least one full-time lobbyist to lobby a US state or the US federal government to pass a bill that makes direct barter deals exempt from taxation

2) First Fortune 500 corporation to employ a full-time direct barter agent.

3) First Fortune 500 corporation to have a "C" level executive whose sole focus is direct barter deals.

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