Sports: First association of sports bloggers who focus on only local sports games, matches, and...

...tournaments at which they or someone who contributes to their blog has attended.  They must include at least video highlights of each event, if not the event in its entirety, and post-game video interviews with the winners and, if it was a team event, both teams and/or their coaches.  The blogger must publicly post their blog post about each event within two hours of its conclusion.  Professional sports teams can be covered but only for games that took place locally ... but the blogger can link to blog posts by other local sports bloggers who covered their local professional sports team playing in their community.  Each local sports blog can have more than one blogger covering local sports and they can specialize in certain sports.

Future Challenges: First local sports blogger or blog team to receive a good citizenship award for their blog work from a:

1) Mayor.

2) Governor.

3) Top federal politician (i.e., US President).

4) CEO of a sporting goods store chain of at least 250 stores.

First sporting goods store chain (250 stores or more) to annually give:

5) An award to the best local sports blogger or blog team.

6) Gold, silver and bronze medals to the best three local sports bloggers or blog teams.

7) At least a million dollars to the best local sports blogger or blog team, half a million dollars to the second best, and a quarter of a million dollars to the third best.

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