Unicycling: Third annual unicycle motorcycle race around Iceland's Highway One, which is...

...832 miles (or 1,339 kilometers) long.  [It seems only appropriate that a highway called Highway One has a race where the vehicles only have one wheel.]  The race must take place during Iceland's summer on a Saturday or Sunday.  The race's start and finish must always be in Reykyavik, Iceland's capital and largest city.  [This is to help insure that there is the most hotel accommodations for foreign competitors as possible.]  The race must allow anyone with a unicycle motorcycle to compete with all being allowed to participate in time trials to determine starting positions.  All racers must wear full-body airbag suits and, when they become available, airbag sphere suits.

All racers compete against each other in the race.  However, the race must also have the following classes of unicycle motorcycles and award trophies and cash prizes to the top three finishers in each class.
Computer-driven.  No human driving (not remotely either) or as a passenger.  An electric or hydrogen-powered computer-driven unicycle motorcycle.  Only the robot can change out their batteries or fuel cell (or refill its hydrogen tank) along the race route.  All autonomous racers must have a soft flashing yellow light on their tops.
Electric.  The motor's power source is only electricity.  Racers can change out their batteries along the race route.  Racers of electric-powered unicycle motorcycles are the only ones allowed to wear and must wear bright yellow racing suits and their electric unicycle motorcycle must be painted bright yellow so spectators know they're driving an electric-powered unicycle motorcycle.
Giraffe.  The rider is at least ten feet (3.048 meters) from the road surface.
Hydrogen.  The motor's fuel source is liquid or gas hydrogen.  Racers of hydrogen-powered unicycle motorcycles are the only ones allowed to wear and must wear baby blue racing suits and their electric unicycle motorcycle must be painted baby blue so spectators know they're driving a hydrogen-powered unicycle motorcycle.
Rider Inside Wheel.  The rider's upper body and head are fully within the rim of the wheel.
Seatless.  The unicycle motorcycle doesn't have a seat and the driver stands the whole race.  Racers of these vehicles can swap out their entire vehicle for a new one and not have to try to refuel or swap out batteries.
[This is meant to be a bit of a tongue-in-cheek race that makes people smile and marvel.  A truly unique race that has never been done before, which should attract droves of tourists, news reporters, and cruiseships from around the world.  It will also likely create its own national holiday of sorts for Icelanders who will all gather around Highway One to watch these crazy racers pass by.  A good excuse for a party if there ever was one.
And as the last registered racer is followed by Iceland police, Highway One from there back is opened back up to traffic.]

Future Challenges: First autonomous unicycle robot to complete the race...

1) With human assistance.  Human assistance cannot include carrying, pushing, or pulling the robot any length of the race.

2) Without human assistance, except for setting up refueling stations for the robot along the route but cannot assist the robot in refueling itself.

3) Without human assistance and win the race.

4) And look like a Tiffany Petite or Tom Handsome robotJack Decker (BTC creator) and/or Tiffany Petitt (unicycle robot illustrator for BTC) must publicly and in writing say the robot does look like one of these two robot types.

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