Voluntarism: The Selective Service Act, terms of service for soldiers, and grades of discharge are...

...eliminated.  Instead soldiers serve as long as they wish to serve and can quit anytime they wish to quit.  However, if a soldier has received training that is highly valuable and is sought after in the private sector, the soldier can be required to serve a reasonable amount of time to pay back that training (including service in the Reserves and National Guard) or be issued a bill for the portion of such a contract left unfulfilled.  [Forcing soldiers to serve for a set number of years is a hold-over from when civilians were drafted into the military, as is giving them different grades of discharge as a way to browbeat them into servitude and compliance.  With an all-volunteer military, being a soldier is just a job – a job that shouldn’t force one to do what one doesn’t want to do.  If you would like to ensure that a soldier doesn’t re-enlist, stick him with a job he hates.  If you have a job that no one likes to do, you only need to simply offer special extra pay and people will volunteer to do it.]

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