Voting: First US State to pass a state-wide citizen-initiated referendum that requires all...

...elections (local, state, and federal) in the state to have as the last voting option for every elected office up for a vote "None of the Above".  If NOTA gets the most votes, all candidates lose that race, a new special election is held in sixty days, and none of the candidates who lost can run for that office in the special election.  The special election must not have the NOTA voting option so a winner can be produced.  [This could become one of the greatest anti-incumbent measure ever implemented.  Even if the incumbent is unopposed, they can still lose by way of this NOTA measure.]

Future Challenges: First radio talk show host to champion this challenge and...

1) ...enable their listeners to sign the petition by way of the show's website OR, if online petitions are not allowed in that state, request a visit by petition signature getters.

2) the first host to get all the required signatures to put the referendum on the next election ballot in their state.

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