War: First association of full-time bloggers who focus solely on war-reporting. Each blog is...

...able to financially support the blogger in traveling to and reporting on armed conflicts around the world OR the blogger must already be financially independent and doing so as a serious full-time hobby of theirs.  The association must constantly be reviewing its membership to remove those who are not currently doing war reporting on a full-time basis.  To prove they are on the frontlines of the conflict, members must digitally video tape actual combat and load it to their blog within two hours of it happening, if not streaming it live over their blog.  The first association of the above war bloggers to get 100 due-paying members wins this challenge.

Future Challenges: First war blogger to receive a journalism award for their war blog work from:

1) Columbia University (The Pulitzer Prize).

2) Red Cross / Crescent

3) Amnesty International

4) The CEO of a bulletproof vest manufacturer.

First bulletproof vest manufacturer to annually give:

5) An annual award for best war blogger.

6) Gold, silver and bronze medals to the three best war bloggers.

7) At least a million dollars to the best war blogger, half a million dollars to the second best, and a quarter of a million dollars to the third best.

So their members can travel the world to report on armed conflict, the first association of full-time war bloggers to get its members:

8) An international airline to give free airline tickets.  [This company and those in the future challenges below will very likely want to sponsor the war blogger association so they can associate their company with these real-life macho individuals.  Some of the ads will likely be of the tongue-in-cheek variety, such as the ad's narrator saying, "Had a tough business meeting in a foreign land?" while showing a war blogger in an active combat zone and then switching to the war blogger relaxing in the airline's seats while the narrator says, "Fly back with us and we'll make it all better."]

9) An international airline to give free first-class airline tickets.

10) An international hotel chain to give free hotel rooms.

11) An international hotel chain to give free hotel rooms and meals in its restaurants.

12) A cellphone company to give free satellite cellphones and unlimited voice, data, and Internet service.

13) An international car rental company to give free car rentals and car insurance.

14) A bulletproof vest manufacturer to give free bulletproof vests and helmets colored and labeled as members of the "Press."

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