Weight Loss: First cardiovascular exercise equipment manufacturer to become a sponsor of a...

...US broadcast or cable TV network's drama and, as part of the sponsorship deal, replace all of the lounge chairs and sofas before the TV sets in each of the homes of the show's characters with the sponsor's upright exercise bikes, recumbent exercise bikes, treadmills, standing elliptical machines, and/or seated elliptical machines.  Likewise, whenever the characters stay at a hotel, the hotel room always has at least one cardio machine positioned so its user can watch TV at the same time.  Then whenever the characters watch TV (be it a show, sports event, DVD, or video game), they must be shown getting some cardiovascular exercise at the same time.  Teenage characters that have TVs in their rooms have those TVs on cardio machines and the TVs (and their console game systems [Xbox, Playstation, etc.]) only work when the cardio machine is being actively used.  To win this challenge, no stair-climbing exercise machine can be part of the above sponsorship deal due to how such machines are bad for many people's knees.

[Obesity is a major health problem in the USA and other industrialized nations.  Getting people to exercise more is one way to fight obesity.  People sitting on their behinds watching TV while munching on snacks (being a "couch potato") is one of the contributors to our obesity problem.  This challenge works to change TV watching from hurting our health to improving it.  If TV dramas show their characters exercising at the same time as they watch TV, their viewing audiences will copy them.  The more TV dramas that show this behavior, the healthier the general population will become.
And if this fitness trend takes hold, expect cardio machine manufacturers to redesign their machines in three significant ways: 1) either move their read-out displays to the side or lower them out of a person normal line-of-sight to not interfere with the person's ability to watch TV, 2) reduce how much noise their machines make while being operated to not compete with the TV's sound, and 3) for those machines with seats (like recumbent exercise bikes), their seats made more comfortable for longer sitting enjoyment.
Also, expect the price of these machines to double since people will be using them a great deal at home and thus they need to be built to stand up to that heavy usage (especially treadmills).  Currently, 90% of all home cardio machines are never used once purchased.  Literally bought and not used.  Grand plans but no followthrough.  New Years resolutions made (and purchased) but not kept.  Home cardio machine makers for the big box stores know this so they make home cardio machines out of cheap parts.  The 10% who do use their machines commonly experienced their machines breaking down after short use.  Their warranties cover the repair cost, but since only 10% of users ever use their machines, the manufacturers consider it a safe bet.  However, if this fitness trend becomes a craze, usage will greatly increase and thus breakdown numbers will increase, customer dissatisfaction will skyrocket, the warranties will become too expensive, and thus the cardio machine makers for the big box stores will have to increase the quality of their machines and thus their prices will double to cover the better parts.]

Future Challenges: First cardiovascular exercise equipment manufacturer to do the above sponsorship deal with:

1) Two broadcast or cable network children's TV drama series.

2) Two broadcast or cable network adult TV drama series.

3) A cable TV network's prime-time TV drama.

4) A broadcast TV network's prime-time TV drama.

5) Ten broadcast and/or cable network TV dramas.

As outlined in the original challenge above, the first US broadcast or cable TV network to issue a programming mandate policy that requires all shows do the above with their:

6) Children's drama programming.

7) Adult drama programming.

8) All drama programming.

Positioned so their guests can watch TV in their rooms while using them, first hotel chain to install in each of their rooms:

9) A cardio machine.

10) Two different cardio machines.  The different types are upright exercise bike, recumbent exercise bike, treadmill, standing elliptical machine, and seated elliptical machine.

First charter jet service to offer to their customers the option of being able to swap out:

11) One of the passenger seats for a recumbent exercise bike on one of their jets.  [By pedaling such an exercise bike at a relatively slow speed, the person will likely not even sweat while still getting some benefit from doing so.  That and it gives another thing for passengers to do and something they cannot do on current airline jets.]

12) One of the passenger seats for a recumbent exercise bike on all of their jets.

13) At least two of their passenger seats for recumbent bikes on all of their jets.

14) All of the passengers seats for recumbent exercise bikes on all of their jets.

First US school (public or private) to:

15) Have at least one of its classrooms have recumbent exercise bikes and/or treadmills in place of regular student seating.  The school then rotating all grades through that classroom so every student gets at least 30 minutes of high-intensity cardiovascular exercise everyday.  This is in addition to any physical education class those students might take.  [Childhood obesity is an ever growing problem in the USA.  This future challenge and the following one will go a long way in countering that problem.]

16) Have a treadmill that is designed with a desk situated over it to enable students and teachers to take notes at the same time as they walk.  The school then makes it school-wide policy that teachers are to have their students walk on these treadmills during the length of their class periods and, to set an example, the teachers are to also do so whenever they're not writing on the blackboard or going among the students to check on their progress.  The school must install video cameras in each classroom so its administration can monitor the classrooms to insure the students are getting as much exercise as possible.  [Students will not be exercising non-stop throughout the day since at least every fifty minutes they will be changing classrooms for ten minutes.  And the school that does what is outlined in this future challenge will very likely be a school that quickly no longer has any fat students ... or fat teachers for that matter.  This school will then become a model for the rest of the nation, if not world.  The school will also very likely win awards from health organizations (International Red Cross and Crescent, American Public Health Association, etc.) and probably even a medal from the US President.]

First US state to have:

17) One of its school systems (elementary, middle, and high schools) do Future Challenge #16.  This school system can be either public or private.

18) All of its private school systems do FC #16.  Compliance must be voluntary by the private schools.

19) All of its public school systems to do FC #16.

20) All of its school systems (both private and public) do FC #16.  Compliance must be voluntary by the private schools.

First obese radio talk show host to champion this challenge, install a cardio machine in their station studio, do their entire show while exercising on their cardio machine, and gets:

21) A doctor to come in and weigh them on the air before they start using the cardio machine, the doctor announcing the host's weight on the air, and then the doctor comes in once a week to reweigh them and announce the host's weight on the air each time.  Once the host is at what their doctor says is a good weight range for their height and body type, the host continues to use the cardio machine and the doctor then only comes in once a month to reweigh them.  To win this future challenge, the host has to maintain their doctor-recommended weight range for three years.

22) All the radio talk show hosts at the station to use the studio cardio machines while doing their shows.  If one of the radio shows has more than one host, the station installs enough for all hosts to have their own in the studio.  The additional cardio machines cannot be of the same type so there is variety to pick from in the studio.  The station must also have a cash bounty on all their hosts which pays anyone who catches a host not using the cardio machines in the studio while they are doing their shows.

23) Another cardio machine (likely a treadmill) installed in their studio and has all their in-studio guests use it when appearing on their show.

24) The CEO of a cardio machine manufacturer to come onto their show and officially announce that they are doing either the original challenge or Future Challenges #1 - #5.

25) The CEO of a hotel chain to come onto their show and officially announce that they are going to install at least one cardio machine into every single one of their hotel rooms.

26) The CEO of charter jet service to come onto their show and officially announce that they are at least doing FC #11.  The charter service doesn't have to be the first one to do FC #11 and thus win that future challenge.  The charter service only has to be one that officially announces on the host's show that they are going to test out what is proposed in FC #11.

27) The superintendent of a school district to come onto the host's show and officially announce that they are at least doing FC #15.  The school system doesn't have to be the one to do FC #15 and thus win that future challenge.  The superintendent only has to be one that officially announces on the host's show that their school system is going to test out what is proposed in FC #15.

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