Wireless-electricity Rechargeable Cellphones: First cellphone maker to offer a cellphone that can be...

...recharged with wireless electricity.  [Two of the new pains-in-the-ass that technology has brought us is the constant need to plug our cellphones into electrical outlets to recharge them and the constant monitoring of how much of a charge is left on our cellphones.  Wireless electricity will help eliminate these two hassles just as unlimited cellphone plans (pioneered by MetroPCS) helped eliminate the pain-in-the-ass problem of monitoring our cellphone minutes.]

Future Challenges: First cellphone company to:

1) Offer the above cellphones to their subscribers.

2) ONLY offer cellphones which are the above to their subscribers.

Offering free wireless-electricity recharging at and throughout all their locations, the first major chain of:

3) Espresso cafes (1,000 cafes or more).

4) Fast food restaurants (1,000 restaurants or more).

5) Department stores (1,000 stores or more).

6) Hotels (1,000 hotels or more).

7) Grocery stores (500 stores or more).

8) Shopping malls (30 malls or more).

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