Books: First free ebook with a million downloads that has a single full-page ad between each of its...

...chapters, and advertisers only pay the author according to how many times the book has been downloaded, although cash advances on future revenue are allowed.  [Expect tablet PC and cellphone manufacturers to lead and heavily advertise in these free ebooks as a way to knock the feet out from under the three current ebook reader leaders: (maker of the Kindle ebook reader), Apple (maker of the iPad), and Barnes & Noble (maker of the Nook ebook reader).  All three have business models that require them to sell ebooks instead of giving them away.  Not that any of them couldn’t switch to the free advertiser-supported business model of this challenge: simply that isn’t their current business model and thus this is a chink in their armor at which PC tablet and cellphone makers can take aim.

Once the free ebook revolution starts to happen, expect publishers to try to counter it by dramatically reducing the price of their ebooks to a dollar or less, but that won't save them.  Why pay for something when you can get it free?  Publishers and bookstores will go the way of buggy whip makers and horse stables.  It is only a matter of time.  Not an "if" but a "when."]

Future Challenges:

1) First free audio book with a million downloads that has single 30-second audio ads (“radio” ads) between at least ten chapters.  Advertisers only pay the author (and, if the author doesn't read her/his own book for the audio recording, the reader[s]) according to how many times the book is downloaded, though cash advances on future revenue are allowed.

2) First free audio book with a million downloads that is a novel, with at least a single 30-second audio advertisement placed only between chapters where a long length of time has supposedly transpired between the chapters in the story.  The audiobook has a minimum of ten audio ads between chapters.  [A convention with such audio books could come about that holds that the more radio ads between chapters, the longer time as transpired between the end of one chapter and the next.  Once readers are told this convention, they'll mentally say to themselves when they hear more than one radio ad, "Ah!  A lot of time is transpiring right now until the story picks up again."  Thus these ads could actually help tell the novel's story.]

3) First literary agent to represent the authors of the above ebooks and audio books and has successfully secured paying advertisers for all of the between-chapter advertisements for 20 different ebooks and their audio-book versions.

4) First literary agency to only represent authors of the above ebooks and audio-books.  Must represent at least twenty authors who have had at least one of their ebooks/audio-books reach one million downloads.

5) First reality TV show that focuses on a literary agency that only represents authors of the above ebooks and audio-books.  [Expect the reality show to feature a literary agency with the most outlandish wacky author clients while dealing with the most cold-hearted, hard-nosed, bottom-line-driven major corporations as advertisers.  The most fun for the show (though not for the agents) will be when they can get these two opposites in the same room together and in hot argument over a "difference of opinion" when it comes an up-coming book.  If they are smart, the makers of Tums will become the show's official sponsor because, after watching probably only one episode, viewers will believe the agents buy Tums by the truckload.]

6) First writers colony to only accept those working on producing the above free ebooks and audio books.

The first ebook (with audio-book version) of the above type to win the:

7) Pulitzer Prize for Biography or Autobiography.

8) Pulitzer Prize for General Non-Fiction.

9) Hugo Award for Best [Science Fiction] Novel.

10) Nebula Award for Best [Science Fiction] Novel.

11) Both the Hugo and Nebula Award for Best [Science Fiction] Novel.

12) Edgar Allen Poe Award for Best [Mystery] Novel.

13) Bram Stoker Award for Best [Horror] Novel.

14) World Fantasy Award for Best [Fantasy] Novel.

[If the Romance Writers of America bring back Best Romance Novel of the Year award, it will be added as a future challenge here.]

First nationally-syndicated radio talk show host to champion this challenge and:

15) Make it a policy to only have on authors as guests who distribute their books as the above free ebooks and audio recordings.  This must be clearly stated on the show's website and told in any emails sent out to authors requesting to appear on the host's show. 

16) Have interviewed at least 100 authors who release their books as the above free ebooks and audio recordings.  All such interviews must last at least five minutes and be loaded onto the show's website.

17) Release ALL of their own books as the above free ebooks and audio recordings.  This includes all of their previous books they have released before in paper form and all their future books.  To win this future challenge, the host most have authored at least three books.

18) Have been the undisputed reason why a free ebook and audio recording (as outlined above) has had over a million downloads.  The host can have on the author more than one time on their show.  The million-plus downloads can be a mix of ebook and audio recording downloads.  Burden of proof for achieving this future challenge is on the radio talk show host.

19) To have done Future Challenge #18 with at least ten different authors.  [The radio talk show host can then be called a "king-maker" as s/he has proven that an appearance on their show can make authors instant best-"sellers".  The host will then be to free ebook authors what Oprah Winfrey was to authors in the 2000s.]

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