China: After democracy comes to China, first geo-concentrated ethnic group to break off from...

...China and form its own sovereign nation.  [Aside from the majority Han ethnic group, there are 55 officially-recognized ethnic groups in China.  Once the Chinese Communist Party loses control of the country, it is expected to break apart as did the Soviet Union after its Communist Party lost control.  In China’s case, expect the biggest spin-off to be Tibet.

Expect China to implode soon.  In 2005, it stopped publicly releasing how many riots were occurring each year as they were rapidly increasing every year up to then.  Some speculate the current number of riots at over 120,000 a year (that's over 10,000 a month).  China is also the only major country in the world that spends more on internal security than on national defense.  It is constantly cracking down on dissidents (from harassing them ... to putting them under "house arrest" ... to jailing them) and is restricting Internet usage by its citizens.  These are all signs of a doomed regime.]

Future Challenges: After democracy comes to China:

1) First political party to gain more seats in the Chinese parliament than the Communist Party.

2) First libertarian political party to gain a seat in the Chinese parliament.

3) First public hearings before a Chinese parliament committee about the Tiananmen Square Massacre after the Communist Party no longer controls China.  This future challenge won by the person who chairs the hearing.

4) Building “Goddess of Democracy” Tiananmen Square Massacre memorial monument in Tiananmen Square.  [“Goddess of Democracy” refers to the statue of the same name put up by Chinese student protesters during the protests in Tiananmen Square.]  The monument is an exact replica of that original statue (but is made out of solid blocks of white granite) and is located exactly where the original was located in Tiananmen Square.

5) Building a “Man against State” Tiananmen Square Massacre memorial monument in Tiananmen Square.  [“Man against State” refers to the “tank man” who stood off a column of at least four Chinese tanks during the protests there.]  The monument does not have a statue of Tank Man but has two foot imprints into a gold-plated hexagon-shaped tile [representing a gold stop sign with the Chinese word for “stop” on it and facing the tanks] before a column of four Chinese tanks.  The foot prints and tanks are located exactly where they were located on that day.  No fencing is allowed around this monument [to not separate it from its surroundings].  The tank treads are painted blood red for all those killed during the massacre.  [The idea of this monument is to enable people to literally step into Tank Man’s footsteps to try to imagine the courage it took him to do what he did.]

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