Energy: First home building supply store to hold a never-ending series of raffles where the...

...raffle winner has his or her entire Sun-facing (south-facing in the northern hemisphere) roof(s) covered in solar roof shingles (such as Dow Powerhouse Solar Shingles).  The raffles are funded by donation cans next to all of the cash registers at the store.  Customers must get a customer card so that when the cash register clerk scans it, in addition to giving in-store discounts and other stuff the card would normally give the customer, it also registers them once for each raffle.  If their card is used more than once before a raffle, the computer simply ignores the later entries.  The first raffle winner is picked after the first month that the never-ending series of raffles is started.  If the cost of purchasing and professionally installing the entire system (solar roof shingles, shade reduction [tree trimming/removal], grid tie converter, 100-kilowatt flywheel storage system, and grid-tied electrical system [which feeds excess power into the local power grid after the flywheel storage battery is fully charged]) is more than what was raised by the donation cans, the next raffle isn’t held until the first one is paid off.  The raffle can require a homeowner to have a house that has at least 100 square feet of Sun-facing roof to be eligible to win.  To win this challenge, the store cannot seek any tax rebates or reimbursements from any government for the hardware, software, and installation.  [This challenge will bring about energy independence one home at a time.]

Future Challenges: First home building supply store chain (with 100 stores or more) to do the above:

1) At each of its stores.

2) To 100 homes.

3) To 1,000 homes.

4) To 10,000 homes.

5) To 100,000 homes.

6) To a million homes.

7) To 10 million homes.

8) To 100 million homes.

9) And be the subject of a TV documentary.

10) And be the focus of a reality TV show.  [As each raffle winner will have a different home than other winners, this show will constantly have new homes and owners to deal with.  New challenges based on how those homes are built, where they're built, and who owns them.  From very old homes to brand-new ones.  From those with small south-facing roofs to those with massive south-facing roofs.  From those with no shading trees to those with lots of trees shading their roofs.]

The following future challenges are about "solar paint."

11) First paint manufacturer to hold a press conference to officially "break ground" for a new research center solely devoted to developing and improving solar paint.  [Solar paint is paint that has solar cell nanoparticles (solar cells at the nanometer scale) in it that self-organize themselves when painted onto a surface to collect solar energy and deliver it to power collection centers that feeds the power into the home's power grid.]  The research center must employ at least 100 scientists with doctorate or professorate degrees in nanotechnology, hard sciences, and/or engineering.  [Initially, solar paint will be so expensive that homeowners will only use it on their Sun-facing (south-facing in the northern hemisphere) exterior walls.  But as this tech becomes cheaper, homeowners will start painting their east and west exterior walls to try to get more solar power from the morning and evening Sun.  Then once this tech is viewed as a truly cheap paint "additive", homeowners will simply paint their entire house with it, even their interior walls.  Interior walls that will help power their homes with the sunlight that enters by way of their house's windows.  And then when they turn on a light in their house late at night, their walls will return some of that light back as energy to their home's power grid.]

First home building supply chain to sell solar paint:

12) To the public.

13) As the only exterior house paint they sell.

14) As the only exterior and interior house paint they sell.

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