Facial Reconstruction: First reconstruction of a person's face using only their DNA and this...

...accepted as admissible evidence in a US federal court.  [Presently, police artists need the skull of an unknown victim to try to do a facial reconstruction of the person’s face for identification purposes.  One’s DNA can give an even more accurate portrait when the genes of the face can be accurately interpreted.]

Future Challenges: First DNA facial reconstruction:

1) Of an unknown dead murder victim to have a portrait of the person’s face reconstructed using only their DNA.

2) Same as Future Challenge #1 and the victim then successfully identified by someone in the public or using facial identification software of photographs of known people.

3) Service offered and performed by a federal law enforcement agency (i.e., FBI) for state/province and local law enforcement agencies in their country to help them identify unknown decayed-beyond-recognition dead bodies or skeletal remains.

4) Used in a criminal case to successfully convict a criminal.

5) Used on an unknown dead soldier.

6) Same as FC #5 and successfully used to name the unknown soldier.

7) Of an Egyptian pharaoh.

8) Of a Neanderthal.

9) Of someone’s family tree going back at least six generations.  [Just doing genetic ancestors would mean 63 DNA facial reconstructions would need to be done.]

10) Of a newborn baby to reveal what the child will look like at ages 6 (entering kindergarten), 13 (puberty), 18 (high school graduation), 22 (college graduation), 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, and 100.

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