Mysteries (theatrical plays): First Broadway or Off-Broadway play to win a Nero Award for a...

...mystery play with a genius detective as its protagonist.  The genius detective doesn't need to have a sidekick and, as long as they get the appropriate permissions, can use an already-established literary genius detective as its protagonist.  The play (Broadway or Off-Broadway) must have an intermission break before the last act, wherein "the great reveal" is done.  No new facts, clues, or red herrings can be presented in the last act.  [This is to give the theater audience a chance to figure out for themselves who did it, how, where, and why and to discuss this with other theater goers.]  During this intermission, theater goers must have an opportunity to cast their vote for who they think is the guilty party.  The theater staff must count these votes and display their numbers in the lobby so theater goers can see how they, as a group, were as detectives as they leave the theater after the play is over.

Only members of The Wolfe Pack who have attended the play in person and signed its guest book can nominate a before-mentioned play for the award.  If only one such play gets produced that year, Wolfe Pack members must be able to vote against it getting the award and then it must get more "for" votes than "against" votes to win the award.  If more than one play qualifies and gets nominated, only Wolfe Pack members who have attended all the plays that make the nominee finalist list and signed their guest books can vote for the winner.  The theater must have a special guest book for just this purpose and check the photo IDs of Wolfe Pack members signing it.
[The reason why this challenge seeks the Nero Award and not the Mystery Writers of America's Edgar Award is because the Edgar Award covers all of the mystery sub-genres whereas the Nero Award focuses on genius detectives.  Additionally, the fictional Nero Wolfe is a resident of New York City and as that is also the home of Broadway, it seemed even more appropriate for this challenge.]

Future Challenges:

1) First play to make the nominee finalist list for the Nero Award for "Best Genius Detective (Off-)Broadway Play" and make the nominee finalist list for the Tony Award for "Best Play."

2) First play to win the Nero Award for "Best Genius Detective (Off-)Broadway Play" and win the Tony Award for "Best Play."

3) Third annual Nero Award for "Best Genius Detective Mystery (Off-)Broadway Play."  To win this future challenge, there must have been at least seven qualifying plays in each of the three years.

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