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This is the forum to ask any questions you might have about the Better Tomorrow Challenges.  Other posters and forum moderators will try to answer your questions.  PLEASE do not make a mega post with a lot of questions in it.  Make each question its own thread and make the question be the subject title.  Try to be as concise as you can in your question and its accompanying text body.  If you think you can answer a poster's question, please start off your body of text with "ANSWER:".  If you have a related question, please consider if it should get its own thread.  If it can stand on its own two feet, make it into its own thread.  If it is truly a follow-up question to the thread's original question that would make little sense without knowing the original question, please start off your body of text with "RELATED QUESTION:".

Green = New thread; Orange = New post(s) to old thread; Blue = Not a new thread or an old thread with new post.

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Date Posted: 06 Feb, 2019 19:53:42

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