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This is the forum where all things non-BTC and non-Jack Decker are to be discussed.  No topic is off limits.  Got a joke or funny picture or video?  Share it in the "Funny Pics", "Funny Videos", or "Jokes" thread.  Want to talk about what's in the news?  Start off your subject title with "NEWS:" and post away.  Want to talk about politics?  Start off your subject title with "POLITICS:" and post away.  What to discuss a new or old movie, TV show, book, play, etc.?  Start off your subject title with "MOVIE:", "TV SHOW:", etc. and PLEASE add "(SPOILERS)" at the end of your subject title if you're going to give any in your post.  If you reply to such a movie/TV show/play/etc. thread and will be giving spoilers, PLEASE add "SPOILERS!" at the start of your post.  And if you even want to ignite a flame war, here's the place to do it.  And if you really do want to cause a flame war OR know it will start one off, please start off your subject title with "FLAME WAR:" so people are warned ahead of time what they're opening up.  Forum moderators will edit subject titles to insure people know what threads are about.  What is NOT allowed on this forum is anyone BUT MODERATORS telling someone else what's NOT allowed on this forum.  If you do not like a thread, do not read that thread.  It is really that simple.  Censor yourself and do not try to censor others.  However, if you believe a thread or a post within a thread is unforgivably offensive, send a private message to one of the moderators and they'll check it out.

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Funny Videos
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Funny Pics
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