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This is the forum to let us know whenever you find a misspelling, typo, bug, poor grammar, or some other problem with this website.  Errors slip through so your help will be appreciated.  Please title your threads with "MISSPELLING:" for misspellings, "TYPO:" for typos, "BUG:" for bugs, "POOR GRAMMAR:" for poor grammar, "BAD LINK:" for bad links, and "OTHER PROBLEM:" for other problems and then be concise in the subject title.  In the text body, give a link to where the error has occurred and PRECISELY where at that link it can be located.  If the error is a misspelling, give the correct spelling.  If the error is a typo or poor grammar, give what you think would be the right correction.  If the error is a bug, please tell what you did that caused it to happen so we can replicate that procedure to see it AND what web browser, operating system, and the stats on your computer so we know what we need to use to possibly replicate it if our initial attempt didn't.  And THANK YOU for helping improve this website!

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