Food Delivery

The challenges below deal with automating restaurants as much as possible.  The reality of restaurant professions are that they are not desirable jobs.  Contrary to what is shown on almost all TV cooking shows, a commercial kitchen isn't some glamorous job site with shiny high-end brass pots and pans, spacious surroundings, beautiful interior design, and where the cooks can take their time preparing one menu item at a time.  It is anything but that.  Working in a commercial kitchen sucks.  It is hot, loud, hectic, stressful, brutal, dangerous, and uncaring.  The cooks, as a matter of routine and economic necessity, have to make several dishes at the same time and do so for hours on end.  There is incredible pressure to get everything done right and fast.  Failure to do so results in the cook getting fired.  And if that isn't bad enough, the pay is horrible.  Thus it isn't by accident that high school drop-outs, "illegal aliens", ex-convicts, and other society rejects make up a large part of this work force since few sane people would want these jobs.  No one has EVER told their high school job counselor, "Gosh, my dream job is flipping burgers at McDonald's for the rest of my life." nor has any similar statement been made for any of the other jobs at that or any other restaurant chain.  That includes shift supervisors and restaurant managers since they're under just as much stress and pressure to make sure the kitchen gets their work done as those lower on the totem pole in the kitchen.

      It is the hope of Jack Decker, BTC's creator and who once worked as a dinner-shift kitchen supervisor for a large nursing home, that the following challenges lead the way to the elimination of these menial jobs from human hands.  This isn't to say that there isn't a role for humans in such restaurants, but their role should be as the chefs who program these robots to make the food, and not as the human "robots" that make it.  In fact, hopefully the word "chef" will be replaced with "cooking engineer" so not even the "chef" works in these kitchens as they do now.  It is also the hope of Jack that restaurant critics don't needlessly discriminate against automated restaurants but instead acknowledge the nasty nature of restaurant jobs and instead focus on just the quality of the food and service these restaurants provide.
      To win any of the following challenges (and their future challenges), the program must include a learning algorithm, must transmit at least once per operational day what it has learned to the company that developed the program, and download updates from that central server.

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